Core shooters

Here you will find used core shooters from Laempe, Loramenti and Hottinger for all common core making processes such as cold and hot box, CO2 process and croning process. Depending on availability, we can also offer complete systems in addition to individual used core shooters. These can include sand delivery, binder addition, mixing units up to core handling as fully automatic core making centres.

What do you use a used core shooter for?

If liquid metal is poured into a mould, a solid casting is produced. If the casting is later to have a geometric design, if one wants to save weight or if media are to be passed through, a hollow core must be produced. This core in a casting is created by the core shooting process. The shape of the desired cavity is created with special moulding sand. The core of sand is placed in the casting at the point where the cavity is to be created. If necessary, this core can be reinforced with core irons to stabilise it during the casting process.

In the core shooter, the mould base material is introduced into a core mould with a shooting pressure of 2 to 6 bar. When this moulding core has hardened, it is installed in the actual casting mould. When the casting is finished, the moulding material is removed through the openings provided for this purpose.

Various procedures for use in core shooters:

Coldbox process: Process for core production in which cold core boxes are generally used. The process has existed for more than 40 years and is very popular because of the possibility to map complex core geometries with high productivity. The market share is over 60 %.

Hotbox process: Core making process of moist, organically bound, pourable and shootable moulding materials, which are solidified in hot metal core boxes on corresponding core shooting machines.

Fiss-Machines offers you expert knowledge around used core shooters

Fiss-Machines has been trading in used core shooters for over 30 years and has already successfully brokered, installed and recommissioned numerous used machines. Our expertise in buying and selling used machines for the casting industry makes us a sought-after partner for large and small companies.

The used core shooters are offered as the seller delivers them. Depending on the condition and your budget, you will receive a proposal from us for an overhaul or modernisation.

No suitable core shooter found? Send us your enquiry! Thanks to our contacts in the foundry industry, we can help you quickly or offer you brand-new core shooters and accessories.